Social Networking

Social networking, despite being an anethma to the technologically timid, is here to stay. 

A good LinkedIn profile has given my husband job offers out of the blue!  Yesterday we had a recruiter friend recommend he “tidy up” his LinkedIn page by removing items not salient to positions he was currently considering.  While these were valid, she felt they were distracting clutter.  My husband removed them.

This morning we received a call from a credit card company [cough, cough, AMEX, cough].  The jist of the call was, “You’ve left position [x] and company [x] – where is your income coming from?”

My first reaction was, What the heck are you doing reading his LinkedIn?  If you’re receiving your payments, what gives you the right to call up and ask?

The more reasonable realization is that what you put out into the public forum becomes exactly that – public, although maybe not for the purposes you intended.  It was a good education to look at my social networking sites with a different eye — your mortgage company may be checking up on you too.


One thought on “Social Networking

  1. The answer is, of course, “No, I did not leave x at y. I removed references to them from my public site — that is my right under the first amendment.”

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