A new one

Looking for 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom castle
Looking for 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom castle

I know it’s happened to everyone, but it was a first for me.  I showed the wrong house. 

I’m to be forgiven.  They are a block apart, similar houses in almost the same price range, but not quite.

We looked at a house which had been prepped to sell.  New appliances with the plastic coatings still on the front.  Carpets, which if they weren’t new, were cleaned within an inch of their lives.  Some staging; enough to make you sit up and say, “Yes!”

We had just come from another property – a bank owned with angry previous tenants.  There was paint thrown everywhere, in a nice Jackson Pollock ode, decorating the hardwood floors, the carpeting, light fixtures; they did a really thorough job.  The juxtapose of the vandalised and the immaculate was quite stunning and my clients were taken with the lovely home which shouted, Move in!

I submitted their offer late last night with an explanation to the listing agent.  It was enough under asking to be a stupid prices offer, but being a firm believer that things happen for a reason, I’m hoping for a serendipitous ending to this story.  Stay tuned!


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