Investing Smarts

Frequently we meet other investors at events and exchange email addresses.  Sometimes those exchanges result in correspondence, sometimes they don’t. 

Yesterday I received an email from one such person and I am going to reproduce the exchange here for your edification.  I have changed his name, but not the name of the individual or corporation he was referencing, in case you come across the same offer.  NOTE – I am NOT soliciting this investment.  It is for education and elucidation of eager new investors only.

Letter from Barton:

My Chance to give back to my buyers list,

We are so excited and honored to offer this incredible investment to you. I have personally invested 50k of my own money in this, and I can not wait to get more of my inner circle investors in on this. It is not very often that a low risk, high return short term investment with a proven track record comes along and I am proud to present one to you today.

 Recently I met a family friend, Cliff, who I had heard a lot about. Cliff has worked for Tony Robbins for 7 years and has been in the Peak performance business for 17 years! He has shared the stage with some of the greatest speakers in the world, Robert Allen, Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Victor Hanson… Cliff is a family man, who has lived in the Northwest for over a decade.  He has been a successful Entrepreneur for 30+ years, and has recently been focusing on international investing. 

Which brings me to the Opportunity:

Cliff has been working on a 1 Billion Dollar Project and needs a few exclusive private investors to help him fund travel and logistics.

 In Return he is willing to pay you Over 100% on your money. No typo, as a part of my inner circle buyers list you asked me to go out and find you the top investments, and that’s what Barton does.

Cliff has done 4 similar trading platforms like this with great result. This $1,000,000,000 platform will be out of Zurich Switzerland, as the bank we are working with is based there.  He was also able to recruit one of the top three traders in the world to spearhead this project. So your investment will be in incredible hands..

 Your private money will be going towards Cliff and his partner’s travel and logistics back and forth to Switzerland as he oversees everything coming together for this project.

If you are interested or know someone who may be interested, Please let me know right away and I will get you set up with a phone meeting, or an in-person meeting with Cliff so you can have all of your questions answered and learn more about this incredible opportunity. If not, that is okay too, there is no pressure, as this may not be the kind of investment for you.   But if you do decide to get involved with Cliff you will become one of his coveted private investors and he has 40 more lucrative projects with similar returns in the near future!

Here is more information:

International Investment Opportunity:

The Wealth Keys Cooperation is looking for private investors in order to raise $250,000 for travel and logistics to bring a 1Billion$ Trading platform to market. 

In return for their investment, The Wealth Keys will pay a return of 100-300% in 6 months, Depending on the amount of money invested. (For Example, I put in 50k of my own money and will be paid 150k back in February!)

The Wealth Keys has done 4 Trading Platform operations like this and have seen incredible results with each one. There is also a humanitarian element to this investment as 80% of the projected 500 million dollar profit will go towards a Biofuel project in Mexico City and Dominican Republic.`

If this interests you, please let me know so that I can get you a phone meeting with him so he can answer all of your questions. There is no pressure. 🙂

 But We only have until the 24th of August to get involved as $120,000 of the $250,000 has already been raised in the last two weeks. 

 I hope you take the opportunity to learn more 🙂  Let me know right away so I can put you in touch.   And thank you for being a part of my inner Circle,


After a query as to whether he wanted my comments, I sent him back this:

Happy Sunday Barton!

 Here are my thoughts.  I hope they don’t rain too heavily on your enthusiasm, but I also hope they are illuminating.

I always do checking before I attempt some sort of venture.

  1. Wealth Keys Corporation does not exist in the cyber world.  There are no web sites, no mention of anything else they have done and no references to them, either positive or negative in chat boards or blogs.  No presence, either positive or negative means that
    1. No one is talking about them
    2. They haven’t been around long enough to be talked about.  If I were to copy your letter and put it on my blog to solicit investors, it would be searchable within the week. 
  2. 100% return sounds too good to be true.  There is the adage which comes into play ….  The last person I heard promising those kinds of returns was a nice old man named Bernie Madoff.
  3. Zurich Switzerland – sounds good and used to be a banking safe haven, but is coming under scrutiny for people trying to evade taxes.  The rules are changing in Switzerland so I am curious as to why they would choose this particular venue.
  4. Cliff who?  Who is the “partner?”  Something I learned many years ago was, don’t even sign up to sell Supperware until you know who is at the helm of the company.  Who they are and what their business model is determines your success in a venture.  Not being able to find out about “Cliff” and anyone else makes it difficult to ascertain if he has successfully done investing of billions for others before, or if he’s wanted in Little Rock Arkansas for marrying his cousin and robbing Billy Joe Bob’s Liquor Store and Candy Emporium.
  5. My money helps fund “travel and logistics.”  Where is the rest of the 1 billion coming from and what is the stability of the deal?  If he is traveling on my dime, how likely is the rest of the deal to come together?
  6. What is my collateral; where is Cliff’s skin in the game?  If I ask a hard money lender for the cash to buy a house, he is going to put a lien on my property until I pay him.  What are the assurances he’s not just going to have a lot of really nice chocolate in Switzerland and I will be home in front of my TV, eating beans from a can because I can’t afford more?
  7. Doing the math – 1 billion with a 500 million profit.  That’s 50% profit, of which 80% is ostensibly going to charity.  How is he paying his investors 100-300% on their money? 
  8. Last, and most importantly, if he is a savvy investor, he knows full well that sending out a circular like this violates SEC rules and puts everyone who solicits funds in violation of federal law.  He would not risk a 50% profit on jail time because he had people out blasting “investment opportunity” emails.  Yes, you can solicit investors, but it has to be one at a time, face to face, with persons already known to you to be in compliance with federal law.  The only way you could send this mailer out legally if is you were a licensed securities broker.  Be careful and be wary if you were told to do so – it is not the mark of a knowledgeable investor.

Best wishes,


Update:  I obviously did post it on my blog, and 17 seconds later Google returned it as a search result.


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