Product Review

Very nice operating system
Very nice operating system

I am a launch host for Windows 7* and the OS was installed last night.  Fabulous is the one word review.  For more, keep reading.

I upgraded my machine rather than a clean install (back up everything first — it’s just a best practice thing).  The software came up, did some initial setup and gave me a compatibility assessment.  I had to uninstall one program and it recommended I do 2 others.  Once re-launched after the uninstall, the software informed me it would be several hours, would reboot itself a few times and basically told me I could go out dancing and come home to the process complete.

Everything went smoothly and the only other input which was required was the product key to active.

All the programs I have run have no issues.  The cool features they put in are cool, the stuff they took out, I don’t miss and programs come up much faster!  NWMLS, for you real estate agents, does just fine.

Recommendation – worth the upgrade.

*FCC compliance disclaimer — as a Windows 7 launch host, I received the software free, along with a party pack of goodies to be used at the party.  Feel free to come if you want!


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