New Technology

I’m a big fan of Kris Berg.  When I grow up, I want to be her, so when I clicked on her blog and found a recommendation of N-Play, I decided to check it out.  The jury is out on how it will work, but I like several aspects of it.

  1. Reality check for sellers
    How often has a seller told you they need to have this place sold in under 45 days, asked you what it will take to move on that timeline, and then set their price significantly higher because they are pretty sure it’s worth more? 
    The usual feedback for a seller is lack of offers.  30, 60, 90 days go by and they can ask for more open houses, fliers, Internet listings and such, but eventually they will have to conceed price reductions, which of course screams “We were overpriced to begin with!”
  2. More buyer participation
    If making an offer on a house is as simple as clicking on a website to make a non-binding offer, being able to see what is already in play, doesn’t that sound easier than calling your agent, sitting down to sign a myriad of forms?  Does it encourage buyers to participate?  Ask eBay,, etc.  How about courthouse steps auctions of foreclosed homes?  Yes, of course.  Until the very end you can change your mind and really, playing is half the fun. 
  3. Puppy dog
    Huh?  There is a marketing ploy which says if you can take it home for a bit, in your mind it becomes yours and you then assume you will keep it.  Once a buyer who was teetering on whether this was the home for them, or whether they really wanted to drive around again next weekend with you to find something else, can put in a non-binding offer, their stake in the house goes up considerably.
  4. Trends of the times
    How many of your buyers bring you houses all the time they’ve found on Craigslist, agent’s websites or a clearinghouse such as Trulia or Cyberhomes?  The Internet, and ease of shopping from your desk chair is here to stay.  N-Play will allow them to complete the shopping process they began.  Settling on a deal means one set of papers to sign, and the seller is already copacetic.  What could be easier?
  5. Listing agent – you control the website
    I like being in control — when you relinquish that, you are at the mercy of other forces; it’s usually suicide for your deal and your sellers.  Take it back!  Make it work!
  6. One more tool
    Times are tough.  Your potential seller wants to know what they can expect from a listing agent.  This is one more item to put their property on a fast track to the closing table.

The process was relatively painless, and you can view my first one here!


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