A close shave

j0439359There has been a lot of chat (twitter, blogging, etc.) lately about whether chatting (twittering, blogging, etc.) is a help or a hinderance to business in general and real estate in specific.  The camps are generally divided along these lines: 

  1.   Social media is new, hip, markets to Gen Y, Gen Z, Gen AA and beyond.  If you’re not using it, you are missing a market share.  Additionally, the connectedness social media affords is accomplished so much faster than traditional routes.  You can accomplish building your business network in reduced time frames and reinforce those contacts effortlessly and frequently.
  2. Are you kidding me?  OK social media is great and I love that I can put up my cat’s picture and tell you that I need a recipe for pumpkin cinnamon rolls, but in terms of building a business this is not the way to make your branding stick.  Real estate is a people business.  You need to spend time and develop relationships.  Better to invite someone over for a cup of coffee and some pumpkin cinnamon rolls than to list the latest 3 bedroom/2 bathroom cottage on a lake to your 357 followers, hoping your next buyer will be waiting by their monitor for you.

What we expect technology to do or not to do for us is illustrated brilliantly with this new product, the Pomegranate (click on the word Pomegranate to activate the link).  Please make sure you take a look at all the “explore” options to see how your world and technology can be blended seamlessly and aethetically beautifully with this ground breaking technology.

 At what point did disbelief kick in?

The IT Crowd


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