Data – handle with care

Today, Jan 12, 2010, the NW MLS began publishing foreclosure data for its members.  This includes identifying those in default, those for whom auction dates have been set, and foreclosed properties.

Be careful with the data and wary of spending money on mailing campaigns.  King County (WA) is in process of moving to a new system and currently over 5 months behind in indexing its online information, which is where these are pulled from. 

My husband and I had a permissive use document pertaining to our property which I had to manually have indexed so it would show on a neighbor’s title search during the sale process.  It was filed in August and manually indexed in November.

Another neighbor is listed as having their property be sold at auction on 12/4/09.  Being over a month later, and seeing them still residing there, clearly action has been taken to forestall or cancel that sale.

Bottom line?  Approach with caution and don’t plan large marketing schemes around the new data.  It ain’t necessarily so.


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