It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for Kris Berg’s wisdom on Inman.  It’s like a once-a-week guilty pleasure — real estate education shouldn’t be that much fun.

Before I allow myself to be distracted by Kris, I will post this; it’s a funny cartoon and I firmly believe in the power of humor.

Later – Kris wrote about the fine art of negotiation and not 20 minutes after reading, I was talking with a bank about a short sale.  The loss mitigation officer told me about a sale which had just gone wrong (not mine).  The reason? They had violated one of Kris’ rules, never return to a previous higher offer.  3 days before close they changed their mind about accepting the negotiated payout.  

“Oh, did we say $3,000?  We meant $15,000.”  Apparently the acceptable payout went from 3-45 in under 3 hours.  Not quite Ferrari worthy, but enough to kill the deal.

Even if you don’t subscribe to Inman, it’s worth visiting every Wednesday morning.  Kris’ columns are publically available for a short time period (4 hours?), after which you need to be a subscriber to read in full.


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