So freaking excited!

John DessauerJohn Dessauer, one of the premier teachers of multi-unit investing, has agreed to come do a Seattle event for me!

What’s the catch?  He is offering a coaching and mentoring package and if 15 people are interested, he will kick it off with a weekend in the wet.  His words actually were, “Seattle will be sleepless no more. :)”

Why John?  He’s a syndicated radio personality, author, has taught nationwide for many years and has a real estate portfolio to back up everything he says.   John is the creator of the “Divide and Conquer” system, which you have to see to believe!

He’s also a man who is in tune with current events and when he talks about investing, it’s feet on the ground NOW type of information, not just a system someone invented 6 years ago which *should* still work.

Interested?  Click here  for his coaching and mentoring, which is at a fraction of what you might pay to get into some other Titanium Level package.  You must follow that link, because that’s how we’re tracking Seattle’s interest.

Feel free to forward this post to any out of state investors you know.  We’ll be arranging meeting rooms in a hotel for their convenience.


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