Odd things I learned today

I was reading an article “7 Odd Things You Can Buy at Costco” and came across this interesting tidbit:

Mortgage Services

Okay, you can’t actually buy a house at Costco — but the wholesaler can help you secure a mortgage.

Members can chose from a group of national lenders that commit to low fees. According to the company’s Web site, members save 64% on lender fees.

Costco has teamed up with First Choice to provide this mortgage service. Lender fee caps are priced at $600 for executive members and $750 for business and goldstar members.

The list of lenders includes CapWest Mortgage, RMC Vanguard, West Star, Wyndham, Sterling Savings Bank, Bank of Internet and Real Estate Mortgage network.

As a full disclaimer, although I have a Costco membership, I am not being paid to advertise this service, nor have I yet referred anyone to them.  However in these interesting times, when loans are challenging, this might be an alternative to keep under your hat, especially with capped fees so low!

Don’t forget while you’re there, Costco also sells wedding dresses and caskets, in case you’re having other major life events along with buying that house.


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