So much for so little

Add value through inexpensive landscapingLooking at listing your property?  One of the ways that you can generate curb appeal for your properties is through a beautification effort and that does not mean taking a hit from your operating budget. Here are three ways to get free or inexpensive trees or plants for your properties.

Free Trees & Plants – Very simple way to get trees and plants. This is a not-for profit foundation that collects plants from nurseries that would be thrown away. They nurture the plants and ship them to you. You only pay for shipping and handling.

Arbor Day Foundation – When you sign up for a six month membership, you get 10 free trees shipped for free.

10 Ways to get Free Plants This is a great blog that can give you some excellent ways to gather plants or trees for your properties.

Some additional thoughts –

Become friends with the person in charge of your local flower department in the
big super centers! When plants get a little tired looking, they may give them to
you free! All you need to do is give the plants some TLC!

Most businesses replace their plants as the flowers fade. This year, start a
relationship with the businesses in your area. Let them know that you are
willing to take the unsightly plants off of their hands after they are finished

Do a quick search & you will see lots of websites that post listings for
free plants & seeds. There are many, but some of the larger ones are:  and

It may seem simple, but landscaping is a great way to increase the value of your property It’s an often overlooked area of the development budget and the above links provide some easy ways to do a little extra for mere pennies.

Thanks to Sean Carpenter for pointing me in the right direction!


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