Make a non-descript space into something fabulousA challenge homebuyers or investors have is looking at the property through the eyes of how it might be finished.  I walked round with some home buyers yesterday and looked at a number of houses where the owners had taken re-fi’s to cash out equity.  Each of the houses had work in progress, and then as the loans became unserviceable, it was obvious where they had stopped.

One of the homes had a fantastic new bamboo floor, bright burgundy wall color and a seating area which was adorable.  The bathrooms had been upgraded at the front of the house with tile, travertine, paint and trendy fixtures.  The bedrooms were painted with fun but not offensive colors.

Moving back into the kitchen area was where it all went wrong.  There were no upgrades and evidence of rodents was present.  The kitchen was tiny and non-functional and the layout of the house was confusing; there had obviously been several additions.

What the previous owners saw, the buyers and I could not see was the house’s potential was when transformed.  Had they had the money to finish, it would have been interesting to see what they would have created.

Before you go house looking, take a couple of hours to peruse current decorating ideas.  It will help you to see how that awkward space, which might otherwise be a deal breaker, could appear as a “wow factor” space once you’ve fixed it up.

This is a great search results page for several informative blogs and decorating sites.  Be adventurous.  Don’t seek out just the styles which appeal to you because if everyone had your taste, all houses would look the same.


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