Designing Women

A list of designing women

Infamous Gold diggerHeather Mills  ***  Anna Nicole Smith  ***  Kendra Wilkinson  ***  David Furnish …

But this is a blog about real estate, so obviously I digress.  Momentarily.  Just for the fun of it.  But seriously, doesn’t the photo make you gag, just slightly?

So you’ve bought your grand new house and want to make it a reflection of you.  OR

You want to sell your house and need to make it as show-ready as possible to obtain maximum return on your equity.  OR

You have a house which you’ve owned for a while, have no intention of selling and just want to change the décor.

Who are you going to call?  The answer, obviously is not Ghostbusters, unless your color scheme ideal is green slime.  Surprisingly, because this could be a post about the merits of yours truly, the answer is resoundingly, not me either.

The relationship between a decorator and their client is an important one.  The thousands, or tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars you will spend with their assistance, will either make you deliriously happy or cause you great buyer’s remorse.

In finding the best designer for you, obviously you’ll interview.  You’ll also ask to see samples of their work and ask for references from their clients.  It is all well and good for them to totally embrace your vision of Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass shower doors in the master bath, but if they are hideous to work with, you’ll regret the decision every time you step in to loofah your toosh.

Equally important is an understanding of the underlying influences of the designer.  In some regards it is like selecting a spouse in that you want your familial modeling to extend to your mate.  If you’re a steampunk devotee and he’s happiest on the squash court with his fraternity brothers, there is likely to be friction.  If your designer is, for example, of Asian descent and you abhor the color red, you’ll have some delicate dancing to do around each other’s sensibilities.

So who to recommend?  If you’re in Philadelphia (or anywhere else I don’t live), make a fun day of it.  Line up several design firms to go visit.  Make it a date with your mate, peppered with coffee stops, lunch at a place you don’t normally frequent and follow the whole thing up with a stroll in a lovely park.  Approach the process with a clear headed, creative mind.  Do not view it as a mission or an item on a check list.  Come at it as the first part of designing the spaces which will be your new interior.  You’re going to live in it, love in it, perhaps raise children in it – start with joy.

If you live in Seattle, here is a partial list of some of the really good ones.  Caution, just because I like them doesn’t mean you will, but they’re good people to work with if your styles “click.”

Robin Chell Design

Helga Simmons Design

Amely Wurmbrand Designs

Scott Neste


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