Everett Condo

One of the principles of investment real estate is to find the ugliest house in the best neighborhood. It is the one which will most benefit from the value of its neighbors. The same is true of home ownership, if you want a rise in value over time.

I am not sure when I felt so great about recommending a property with that quality.

Mountain View Estates is a solid building, built in 1979, whose tenants in large part are still the original owners. Similar sized condos a block away are selling for $50K more than recent sales in Mountain View Estates because of their newer kitchens — most other amenities are very comparable.

This unit is one which has been updated to desirable current standards. Beautiful granite countertops, flat ceramic cooktop, new carpeting and new paint enhance the stunning Cascade Mountain view.  As other units sell, the market value of Mountain View Estates will go up; each unit that upgrades will contribute to an equity rise for the remaining units. It is definitely the place to have a value increase quickly.

Click on the images to view a full sized slide show

Additionally there is an entire wall of in-unit storage plus additional secured storage on the floor below. You have never had a condo feel so spacious and so useful!

Despite the value increase, unfortunately for investors, the buyer must be an owner resident.  The building caps itself at just 3 rental units and it is at cap with a waiting list; it is very much in demand!


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