Caring for your assets

Not that kind of asset; this is not a post about the Kardashians.  This is about the home that you purchased (or the one you want to sell for maximum profit), and the bits and pieces that go in to it.

We all know what grabs people’s eye when they walk through the door.  Kitchen, master bedroom, and en suite bathrooms.  If those are in top shape, you feel great about the property, and it maintains top value.

And you have stainless appliances.  You and virtually everyone else love the look and the fact stainless is the choice in professional kitchens because of its anti-microbial properties, its resistance to rust and discoloration and its ability to attract and display fingerprints.  Wait, what?  Yes, you heard me.  Crime scene teams could just wrap yellow tape around your stainless appliances and figure out everyone who has come in contact with it in the past … well, since you last cleaned it.

A newbie to stainless is sometimes daunted by the difficulty maintaining stainless in showroom condition.  A nice white refrigerator requires a sponge with soapy water, and it’s clean again.  Stainless requires less harsh scrubbers and chemicals, but more attention to consistency and detail.  Click on any of the pictures below for a great tutorial.

And now that you know how to clean, did you take note of the paste at the end?  Like a good coating of wax on your car, those appliances are going to shine longer and be easier to maintain with an occasional refresh of the coating.  Do not neglect, especially if you are about to put a yard sign out.


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