Caring for your assets

Not that kind of asset; this is not a post about the Kardashians.  This is about the home that you purchased (or the one you want to sell for maximum profit), and the bits and pieces that go in to it.

We all know what grabs people’s eye when they walk through the door.  Kitchen, master bedroom, and en suite bathrooms.  If those are in top shape, you feel great about the property, and it maintains top value.

And you have stainless appliances.  You and virtually everyone else love the look and the fact stainless is the choice in professional kitchens because of its anti-microbial properties, its resistance to rust and discoloration and its ability to attract and display fingerprints.  Wait, what?  Yes, you heard me.  Crime scene teams could just wrap yellow tape around your stainless appliances and figure out everyone who has come in contact with it in the past … well, since you last cleaned it. Continue reading “Caring for your assets”


Serious Fall

Fall, when the dynamics of real estate change slightlyNo, I’ve not had an accident, but thanks for asking.

The days are cooler, the school buses running, the Seahawks winning (yay) and the number of houses available has dipped slightly, only because everyone who needed to be in a house before school began has taken the inventory down a bit.  Tis the season of the serious fall buyer.

The serious fall buyer is, more often than not, one who needs to change residence, rather than simply looking to change.  Job transitions are probably the biggest factor in off-season real estate and whether you’re moving into or out of an area, both sides of the transaction are a bit more focused than at the height of summer. Continue reading “Serious Fall”

Designing Women

A list of designing women

Infamous Gold diggerHeather Mills  ***  Anna Nicole Smith  ***  Kendra Wilkinson  ***  David Furnish …

But this is a blog about real estate, so obviously I digress.  Momentarily.  Just for the fun of it.  But seriously, doesn’t the photo make you gag, just slightly?

So you’ve bought your grand new house and want to make it a reflection of you.  OR

You want to sell your house and need to make it as show-ready as possible to obtain maximum return on your equity.  OR

You have a house which you’ve owned for a while, have no intention of selling and just want to change the décor.

Who are you going to call?  The answer, obviously is not Ghostbusters, unless your color scheme ideal is green slime.  Surprisingly, because this could be a post about the merits of yours truly, the answer is resoundingly, not me either. Continue reading “Designing Women”