Looking for 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom castleNow you’ve decided to list your property, here are some things you can do to maximize your ease of sale, as well as income from your home.

  1. Have an inspection. This will help you identify potential issues before a buyer sends their inspector in.  Correct structural and safety issues before the home goes on the market.
  2. Clean.  Thoroughly, perhaps professionally.  Potential buyers want to find a house they don’t have to scrub tile on before they move in.  Clean windows won’t be noticed, but dirty windows will.  If you’re able to move out before listing, have the carpet professionally cleaned before the stagers bring their items.
  3. Paint – this is the single biggest thing you can do to improve the sales price of your home.  A fresh coat of neutral colored paint will make your home “pop.”
  4. Have your agent do a preliminary title order, so you know if there will be challenges with the chain of title.
  5. Stage your property interior.  Ideally the home will be vacant, cleaned and staged, but this is not always possible.  Check out this HGTV Secrets to Staging tutorial and then let’s schedule a walk through to highlight your home’s strengths.
  6. Create curb appeal.  Unless your unit is a condo and you have no control, even small things will make a difference on whether the potential buyers stop and look or just keep driving.  Here’s a short list of inexpensive ideas to give your home the “pop” it needs to make the buyers want to see more.  Again, clutter is your biggest enemy; put the kids’ (or grownups’) toys away.
  7. Set a market value price.  You will do this with your agent.  This is probably the hardest step because you have value in memories of your home which no one else sees.  Market value is determined by comparable home sales in your area.  Set a good price on listing and you’ll have quicker offers and no difficulty with the bank’s appraisal!

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